Be connected! This is the demand of our era which we should satisfy in order to succeed in life. In the challenging process of being connected and be able to keep up with the rapid developments of the world, telecommunications companies come to help, as it is them to make the cherished connection possible. The current article is devoted to one of the companies that greatly contributes to the increase of connectivity worldwide- Vodafone, and contains a fundamental information on its privileges, drawbacks and the issues that can be handled by means of applying Vodafone signal boosters in AU from


Vodafone network operator in Australia, its privileges and drawbacks

 Vodafone is a telecommunications company that operates in Australia as well as in many other different parts in the world. It started operating in Australia in 2009 and over these years has gained 5.4 million customers. In 2010 the reputation of the provider was rather damaged because of a public outcry. And ever since it has been recovering its popularity among the Australians. And over these years it has managed to strengthen the quality of its services in many ways though the relevant problems are still eye striking. Reviews come to prove that Vodafone network has made a step forward in the network coverage and speed, in addition it offers global roaming propositions.

Judging about the network the company provides is not an easy task, as any network has both strong and weak points. So, we will try to outline some features of Vodafone network and identify some problems that the customers of the operator may witness.

We cannot deny the fact that after the infamous outcry of the company a lot of improvements have been made. It is true that the company has gone through dark days, during which about 2,5 customers have left them, but should be mentioned that the press does not seem to be interested to speak up about the continuous improvements made on the network. On the contrary, sometimes the gap between the qualities if the services provided by Vodafone and other companies is artificially exaggerated.

First and foremost, in spite of the fact that it is often stated that the second largest operator in Australia – Optus network covers larger area in Australia than Vodafone does, the announcements of 2016 have come to prove that Vodafone has managed to build a larger 4G coverage than Optus: currently Vodafone has a coverage of 95.3 percent of population with 4G imposed to 95 percent of Vodafone’s coverage.

Nevertheless, conditioned by a number of factors, that we mean to discuss later, the coverage a customer receives is quite personal. However, the fact is that Vodafone offers strong connection of 3G and 4G in metros and in this sphere it even precedes the two Australian operators that exceed it in their sizes.

Nevertheless, evaluating both the advantages and disadvantages that the network supplied by the company has, it should be noticed that the problems of the discussed telecommunications company are still many.

What are the common signal problems relevant in Vodafone network in AU and what is required to solve them?

 As any other mobile signal provider Vodafone and its users also face some common obstacles when dealing with mobile signal supply.

Among the most common problems that a Vodafone customer may face are introduced below.

First of all, on the map of its coverage areas there are still many places that are marked grey. This means that the company does not offer its services in a plenty of areas. The areas are mainly in rural part of the country, where the population is not dense. So the people who live in this area or those who enjoy exploring the nature and go camping there will greatly suffer from the inconveniences caused by the poor quality of the mobile signals. Besides, in some areas the cell towers are constructed rather far from each other, and as a result of being distant from the tower, many people receive rather low signals. The problems especially become evident in case you try to use your phone for multiple purposes. These are problems that can be solved only with the interference and investment of the company.

On the other hand, even in the places where the connection is seemingly strong, many outrages happen and the customers are often obliged to wait for hours until better connection is acquired.

As the reviews of the Vodafone’s customer’s state, the network reliability and speed are rather bad and too often go down.

The problems especially become evident in case you try to use your phone for multiple purposes. The reason for this is mainly the problems with coverage. Apart from the fact that situations when you are delivered with poor phone signal are very annoying and may drive you crazy, such situations may have negative impact on your business as well, as the mobile signal may go down and do not be recovered for a long time. The reasons for such unbalanced signal coverage may be various: for example, it can be a reason of the construction material your building is made of, as some materials can make it hard for signals to pass through, or electric fields caused by some wires passing around the building may interfere and make the strength of the signal lower, sometimes even the angle of the mobile phone tower in relation to the position of mobile phone can be a reason for poor signal. This set of problems as the former ones often challenge the users Vodafone AU and cause reception problems, but unlike the geographical problems these ones can be solved even by customers in case they make use of Vodafone mobile signal booster